Financial results from operations with securities

The Group’s net gains from operations with securities for 2012 shown in the income statement totaled 5 bln RUB, slightly less than in 2011.

In 2012, the Group received a substantial gain on securities available for sale shown in other comprehensive income. Most of this gain was recorded in 2H12 as the financial markets picked up.


RUB bln



Change, RUB bln

Net gains/(losses) arising from trading securities 3.2 (1.4) 4.6
Net gains/(losses) arising from securities designated at fair value through profit or loss (0.7) (2.8) 2.1
Net gains arising from investment securities available for sale 7.5 12.1 (4.6)
Impairment of investment securities available for sale (5.0) (1.1) (3.9)
Total gain in securities — income statement 5.0 6.8 (1.8)
Gain on securities available for sale — other comprehensive income 55.7 (39.8) 95.5
Total net gain on securities — total comprehensive income 60.7 (33.0) 93.7
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Financial results from operations with securities


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